New to yoga?

What to wear?

Wear clothing that is not restrictive, but allows the teacher to see your body for correct alignment, especially the knees, ankles and shoulders. Wearing jewelry is okay, but necklaces can drop into the face in downward facing dog, bracelets can get in the way when wrists are on the ground. We advise taking your glasses off for inversions to protect the lens muscles of the eyes. Have a warm top for the end of class when we come to more quiet poses.


What to bring?

We have all our own equipment, including mats that are washed regularly. If you want to bring your own mat, feel free.


How to prepare?

Come a little early, about 10 minutes is good, so you can settle down and tell the teacher of anything that may have changed for you in body or mind.
Try not to eat or drink anything except some water for the three hours before your class. If that is not possible, just eat something light to sustain you, but lets the body still work the muscles and not the digestive tract!


What the teacher needs to know

It is important the teacher knows any physical ailments. The teacher must know back, knee, shoulder problems etc, so they can moderate your poses. This includes abnormal blood pressure, headaches, insomnia etc. If you are on medication or have been undergoing treatment for a specific ailment, such as cancer, this is important information for the teacher also. For women who are pregnant, or who have recently had a baby (within six months) or are menstruating, please also tell the teacher.


Our classes

Our classes vary from beginner level to level one (general classes). Level one students should be familiar with basic inversions like shoulderstand and headstand, even if they need more support in these poses. Every last week of the month all classes will be restorative classes, so make sure you bring some warm clothing, and socks for these classes.


β€œIt is through your body that you realise you are a spark of divinity.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar